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Recharge Reconnect Reset

Ascend Executive Retreats believes reconnecting your senior teams and executives will build a positive culture.

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Luxury lodges, unique locations, tropical islands, breath-taking landscapes

We offer a menu of unique destinations across Australia that will provide the right environment for your team to focus on strategic planning and strengthening their connections.


Ascend Executive Retreats believes if you are challenged you will grow like never before

We engage some of Australia's most respected

Corporate speakers and facilitators.

Experts in the fields of Business, Motivation and Wellbeing.

Ascend Executive Retreats will bring your teams together with a retreat package for Management teams, Senior Executives, Boards, Small to Medium Businesses and Associations.

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Public Retreats

Recharge, Reset and make new Connections.

Attend specially curated public retreats that will deliver an unforgettable experience.

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HEAL and THRIVE 2023



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