HEAL and THRIVE 2023


       Date: to be announced 2023


      Duration: 4 nights/ 4 days


     Maximum Participants: 20


Location: Kingfisher Bay Resort (50 min ferry from Hervey Bay)





2pm - Check in


5pm - Welcome drinks on the beach


7pm - Ascend Networking Meet & Greet Dinner




7:00am - Yoga session sunrise Pauline


8:00am - Breakfast

10:00am - 1st Session Pauline – 90 minutes


“The Better we know ourselves the less we fear change in the world.

The Better we know ourselves the less we fear others.
The Better we know ourselves the less we fear ourselves and our own power.

The Better we know ourselves the more we HEAL.


- Framing Activation / Meditation

- Expand (Semantic) / Elevate (Somatic) / Evolve (Soulmatic)

- Mindset / Heartset / Healthset/ Soulset


  • EXPAND - Semantic – Mindset, Heartset

-Pre-lim questionnaire summary & discussion
-States of Consciousness –

-Stages of Development –


12:00pm - Lunch


1.30pm – Workshop: Scott 90 minutes



“Hurt People hurt people.  Healed People heal people.
We heal others by healing ourselves first.

The most potent healing occurs when we combine Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science.”


*Scott - The Neuroscience of Raising Your Emotional Vibration  

-Pauline to Guide Gamma Brain Wave Activation – Science Spirituality

-Pauline to Guide how to use your body as the instrument of consciousness to seek answers from your sovereign self

*Scott to continue…
*Eudamonic Well Being – The Cognitive Model – Positive Psychology

*Neuroscience Markers – Minimum Standards Markers

*How to Expand Your Life to remain INSPIRIT and INSPIRED

– Link back to Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, Soulset = Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental Health


3:30pm - Ranger Guided Bushwalk


5:00pm - Free Time


7pm - Dinner 




6am - Breakfast

7:30am - Whale Watching - Cruises depart the resort at 7:30am, returning at 12pm (noon).


1pm - Lunch

2pm -2nd Session Scott – 2 hours

* Burn out as a badge of honour is no longer cool – acknowledge guests for taking the time out to tend to their healing

*Key Positive Psychology Intervention


**Walk back down to grass area near wharf (Stewarts Bay Reserve)

*Scott will facilitate a Powerful Breathwork session 

*Scott will speak to FLOW STATE and guide guests through a FLOW SEQUENCE to demonstrate the importance of FLOW STATE

*The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur = DO NO HARM / TAKE NO SHIT = Increase in WELL BEING


3:30pm - Free time


7pm - Bush Tucker dining experience



7:30am: Breakfast


9am – Workshop Presentation: Pauline Nguyen: The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur


12:30pm - Lunch


2pm - Your choice of - Archery/ Canoeing/ Segway Tours/ Stand Up Paddle/ Hiking or Lazing by the Pool


4:30pm - Sunset Cruise


7pm - Fraser Dining Experience


Day 5


7:30am - Breakfast


Free time until Checkout


11am - Check Out